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Created by Saya, the Mudae bot is a high-quality, multi-purpose entertainment bot that supports Discord, the social networking platform designed to create communities. Available on currently over 9 million Discord servers, the Mudae bot ranks as one of the most popular entertainment bots based on Discord.

What Does Mudae Bot Do?

The Mudae Bot hosts various functions such as:

  • Gacha Character Roulette: you can catch and customize waifu and husbando characters from over 50,000 anime and video games. 
  • Catch Pokemon 
  • Play original multiplayer video games 
  • Play various word games

Mudae Bot Installation 

To install the Mudae Bot, first head over to the Discord Bot List, and in the Search Box, type in ‘Mudae’ and press Enter. After the screen loads, click on the Invite option, which will be situated beneath the Mudae Bot description. 

After clicking on the Invite option, the link will redirect you onto Discord, where it will ask you to add the bot onto any selected server. Additionally, ensure that you are logged in to the specific server where you are adding the Mudae Bot. 

After that, you will have to go through a few authorization steps to grant permission for the bot to be added to your server.

You can successfully install the Mudae Bot onto your Discord server with these few simple steps.

Mudae Bot Commands

Waifu$wWill assign you a random female character from any video game or anime to marry to
Husbando$hWill assign you a random male character from any video game or anime to marry to
Waifu anime$waWill assign you a random female character from any anime to marry to
Waifu game$wgWill assign you a random female character from any video game to marry to
Husbando anime$haWill assign you a random male character from any anime to marry to
Husbando game$hgWill assign you a random male character from any video game to marry to
Marry$mAllows you to marry any anime or video character
Note<Character>$<Message>($n)Add a message next to the character
Like<name>($l)Include a character to the list of likes
Like list$llA list that includes your favorite characters from any anime or game
Like list anime$llanimA list that includes your favorite anime series
Like list game$llgameA list that includes your favorite video game series
Add custom$acA customized character can be added to your server
claim react$crCustomized emojis can be added to your roll
Search$sHelps you learn about different commands
Definition$def<word>Definition search
Channel help$channelhelpTo display help on the channel
Change Languages$langDisplays list of languages to change your language to
Invite$inviteProvides a link to invite Mudae to another server
My ID$myIDGet the complete ID of your username or Discord server
Date$dateWhat year, month, and day it is
Vote$voteHelp Mudae entertain and earn free rolls reset
Countdown in numbers$cdn<number>Counts down in seconds
Blow up$beam<emoji or text>If you don’t like anything, you can choose to blow it up
Harem Arrangement
My marry$mmList of all the characters that you have married
First marry$fmChange your favorite waifu or husbando
Marry exchange<$User> <character>Exchange waifu or husbando with the player mentioned
Sort Marry$smSort the list of your spouse’s ranking by preference
Give<@User> <character>You can give the player a character.
Divorce$divorceDivorce a character that you are married to
Profile$profile Show your server profile
Wish list$wlYou or someone else’s wishlist.
DM wish list$wishdmHave your wish list DM’d to you in private
Wish series<Series> ($ws)Be mentioned for each character of the series. Command only available for premium players
Disable Series<Series> ($d)The series you mention will be disabled from your rolls.
Disable List$dlYou can view either your or someone else’s disable list
First wish$firstwishYou can define your favorite list
Marry up$muDisplays how much time you have left before you can marry another character
Timer’s up$tuThe timers will be combined in one message
Arrange timer’s up$taAllows you to arrange the order of your $timerup categories
Rolls up$ruDisplays how many rolls you have left before your next reset
Rolls$rollsVote for Mudae and receive a rolls reset
Toggle western$togglewesternWestern series can be enabled or disabled from your animanga rolls
In real life Toggle$toggleIRLRolls can be enabled or disabled with IRL people for your rolls
Bonus$bonusDisplays your unlocked bonuses
Tip$tipDisplays a tip
Kakera$kProvides you with the instructions on how to earn kakera on your server
Daily kakera$dkEarn a daily amount of kakera
Kakera loots#infoklKakera loots allow you to earn even more kakera rewards
Give kakera$givekakeraGive kakera to another player
Kakera toggle$togglekakeraCan enable or disable the various ways of collecting kakera
Kakera Scrap$kakerascrapDisplays the amount of kakera scraps you have left for your server
Server Options
Settings$settingsDisplays a list of the server settings
Game mode$gamemodeChange the game mode of the server
Set rolls$setroleDecreases the number of rolls for the entire server
Set rare$setrareThe spawn rarity of claimed characters can be changed
Harem limit$haremlimitCan change the maximum number of characters that can be used per user.
Shift hour$shifthourThe exact hour of the claim reset can be changed
Phrase$phraseMudae says a random phrase
Say$say <text to repeat>Mudae repeats what you type
Poem$poemMudae recites a random poem
Multiplayer Games
Yellow tea$yellowteaSearch the largest number of words
Green tea$greenteaFind the longest word
Mix tea$mixteaAll the tea games combined
Quiz$quizA globally ranked quiz
Pokeduel$pokeduel @UserStarts a pokeduel with the mentioned user.

Common Problems and their Solutions


A frequent problem that Mudae Bot users face is that the bot’s messages don’t load. To fix this, follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to the channel where the commands of your Mudae Bot are located under “#claim-game.” 
  • Click on the ‘edit channel’ option 
  • Go to the Permissions area 
  • Under the Advanced Permissions area, go to the ‘rolls/members’ drop-down menu
  • Add Mudae to the list
  • Allow ‘View Channel’ option
  • Do not allow the ‘Manage Channel’ option 
  • Do not allow the ‘Manage Permissions’ option 
  • Do not allow the ‘Manage Webhooks’ option 
  • Do not allow the ‘Create Invite’ option 
  • Allow ‘Send Messages’ option 
  • Allow ‘Embed Links’ option 
  • Allow ‘Add Reactions’ option 
  • Allow ‘Use External Emojis’ option 
  • Allow ‘Slash Commands’ option 

Problem #2

The second problem seasoned users complain about is that they aren’t able to view the heart reaction located at the bottom of the chat.

Fix: As of January 2021, Mudae Bot has discontinued that feature. Thus, if you have recently downloaded the game after January 2021, you won’t be able to view the heart reaction by default. 

However, the short-term solution to this problem is that you can use the command “$togglereact 2” to enable heart reactions. The only catch is that it has 7 base rolls per hour.

Problem #3

Many users have also complained that the Mudae Bot is not responding to slash commands.

Fix: Since Slash Commands are relatively a new feature introduced by the Mudae Bot. Hence, you have to enable them in the ‘Permissions’ area under the ‘Edit Channel’ option. Additionally, be wary if you are using the correct slash as well. The Mudae Bot only responds to back-facing slashes such as “ / .“


At last, we hope that this guide has provided you with the basic know-how on how to operate and find your way around the Mudae Bot. It has been growing in popularity each day within the anime and gaming communities, and with this basic knowledge, you too can join in the fun! 


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