The most creative feature that Discord supports is the option to add bots to your server. Bots are helpful artificial intelligence that can perform an array of tasks automatically or by the user typing in commands. 

Apart from managing the server, there are various bots available to enhance the user experience of the members of the server. Music bots, gaming bots, streaming bots, etc., are a few examples of innovative types of Discord bots.

Best Bots for Your Server

Best Music Bots


Rythm is an easy-to-access music bot. It was created to allow players to listen to music while playing games without the hassle of typing in commands. It allows users to listen to music directly from music streaming apps such as Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, etc., One of the most popular Discord music bots is currently available on 10 million servers.

  • Users can play music directly from music streaming apps and even import their playlists 
  • Two Rythm bots can be added to your server if you have multiple channels 
  • You can search for any song that you want to play via query 
  • The admin of the server holds the feature to control which people can access and play the music via Rhythm
  • It is customizable 
  • Plays songs automatically from the playlist queue
  • Also displays the lyrics of the songs if you enter the command 
  • Music can be played via URLs as well
  • It can occasionally lag, which can disturb the experience.
Basic Commands
Play a song with the given URL or name! play
To disconnect the bot from the voice channel it is playing in!disconnect
To search for a song from the entered query and displays the top 10 results!search <query>
Forwards the current track to the time mentioned!forward <time>
Rewinds the current track by a certain amount of time!rewind <time>
The track that was currently being played is set again!replay
Pauses the current playing track!pause
Resumes the track that was currently on pause!resume
Displays the lyrics of the current track!lyrics
To immediately skip the song that is being played!force skip 
To view the queue!queue
To Change or check the volume!volume

Rythm Premium offers many features and benefits that the standard version does not. With the premium version, you can access features like better audio quality, effects, volume control, increased playtime, etc. Users can purchase Rythm for just $4.50 per month.

Rythm Website:


Octave is a multi-purpose bot, and its main function is to provide high-quality audio to over 600,000 servers it is applicable on. It is easily accessible and quite user-friendly as it does not require multiple commands to work. Similar to other music bots, Octave can also provide music from major music streaming platforms. If you have a server with multiple members, Octave has a feature that allows you to assign roles to different members. By doing so, it becomes more organized and easier to operate.

  • It can play songs from YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify
  • The admin can assign different roles to different members to control the playlist 
  • You can search for any song you want from the search query 
  • More organized and is easier to use 
  • 21 different playback commands
  • With one click, users can add Octave to their server
  • Stutters often
Basic Commands
To play a song on a server or music channel_play
Pause the current track_pause
Resume the current track_resume
Restart the current track_restart
To skip the track that is currently playing_skipto
Shuffles the order of the playlist_shuffle
Displays the lyrics of the current track playing_lyrics
Changes or adjusts the volume of the song_volume
To search songs from Youtube_youtube
Stream songs from radio stations_radio

The premium version of the Octave bot offers various benefits. From Bass boosts, unlimited custom playlists, volume control settings to longer queues and playing time. Users can unlock a 500 queue size with 6 hours of uninterrupted track lengths for just $5 a month. For $10 per month, you can purchase Octave premium for two different servers with unlimited queue size and a 12-hour track length. 

Octave Bot:

Hydra Music Bot

The Hydra music bot can connect to a diverse range of music streaming platforms from YouTube and SoundCloud to Deezer, BandCamp, etc. It is a customizable bot that is easy to access and operate without the need of learning any complex commands. It does, however, host a unique command list.

  • Industry-standard infrastructure 
  • Can be linked to a wide range of music streaming platforms 
  • Gives the admin of ample server control via admin-only commands 
  • You can also upload files to play 
  • The admin can control the bot through a unique song request channel
  • Available in 10+ languages 
  • Feature-rich command list 
  • Customizable playlists 
  • It may sometimes not respond to messages.
To play the
Displays the queue.queue
To stop the player and clear the queue.stop
Shuffles the queue of the playlist.queue
To resume the current track.resume
Pauses the current track.pause
Allows admin or DJ to remove a specific song from the queue.remove <song number>
Displays lyrics of the current song playing.lyrics
Displays lyrics of the name of the song provided.lyrics <song title>
Lets you search for the song and plays

For $1.99 a month, you can purchase Hydra bot Premium, and you can avail all the features of the package on any server you are a member of. 

Hydra bot:

Best Bots for Moderation 

MEE6 Bot

The MEE6 Bot is one of the most popular moderation bots used on Discord in over 12 million servers. Users can configure the MEE6 Bot automatically to moderate the server using its specific commands. Moreover, it is the ideal Discord bot to monitor and detect any inappropriate content for your server. It also deals with the members themselves who violate the server’s rules. 

  • Can easily construct custom commands
  • Provides streaming and social media alerts
  • Provides Levels and XP in the Discord Server 
  • Welcomes new users on your server
  • Automatically bans members for violating the server’s rules 
  • Customized commands
  • Admin-controlled
  • Lessens the burden of the admin 
  • Multipurpose bot; can also stream music 
  • Levels up members for participating in the server
  • Auto assigns roles to new members 
  • The server frequently goes down. 
To ban a user from either your server or channel!ban
Temporarily restricts a user for a specified duration of time!tempban
To clear the messages of a channel!clear
To unban a formerly banned member from the server or channel!unban
Issuing a warning to a specified member for violating the server’s rules!warn
Muting a member from the Discord server!mute
To get information regarding a specific role!role-info
Unmuting a specific member from the Discord server!unmute
Kicking a specific member from the server!kick
To extract information regarding a specific member or user!user-info

The MEE6 Bot provides a premium version to its users as well. At $11.95 a month, you can get access to the premium features that the package sports. 

MEE6 Bot:


Used on over 800,000 servers, Dyno is also a popular moderation bot with various functions. Any command that the Dyno bot performs is recorded and is accessible to the admins and mods of the server. With 35 different moderation bot commands, Dyno can welcome users to the server and monitor any inappropriate activity that is not permissible. Furthermore, Dyno can also be used for different purposes, such as searching statistics, creating polls, playing music, and many other features. 

  • Configurable web dashboard 
  • Admin and mod controlled moderation facilities 
  • Sports auto-roles and custom commands 
  • Multipurpose 
  • Welcomes new members to the server
  • Joinable ranks 
  • Chat-saving feature of banned members 
  • Channel can be temporarily locked 
  • Can sometimes not recognize or act on commands 
To ban a member?ban
To kick a member?kick
Channels can be locked from configuration settings?lockchannel
Restrict a member from typing and participating?mute
To unban a member?unban
To warn a user?warn
A channel can be locked?lock
To unmute a member?unmute
Display all custom commands?customs
Listing members in their roles?members

For $14.99 a month, you can get access to the premium features that the Dyno bot provides to its exclusive members. 

Dyno Bot:


Despite being relatively new, the ProBot is one of the widely used moderation bots available. 2,500,676 servers currently employ ProBot. It is a multipurpose, customizable bot that offers over 50+ commands and other features. It can welcome new members using their avatars, ban or mute misbehaving members and redirect them to a voice channel where a moderator can speak to them. Moreover, it also provides the option of locking up the whole channel. 

  • Design welcome images 
  • Levelling system 
  • Provides high-quality music 
  • Embeds can be created easily 
  • Auto-moderation feature 
  • Multilingual 
  • Auto-response 
  • Can detect raid behaviour 
  • Does not respond to commands and requests at times 
To ban a member#ban
Kicking a member out of the server or channel#kick
Restricting a member from typing or participating#mute
Restricting a member from speaking in a voice channel#vmute
To issue a warning to a member#warn
Moves a specific member from one voice channel to another#move
To unban a member#unban
To clear all messages from the channel#clear
To assign or remove roles from a member#roles
Unmuting a previously restricted member#unmute


Best Bots for Fun 

Dank Memer

As the name suggests, Dank Memer is a Discord bot solely for creating memes. With this bot, you can manipulate any image that crosses your way and transform it into a funny meme. It also provides the feature of gambling with memes. Thus, Dank Memer has its economy.

  • You can earn money off gambling with and for memes
  • Meme related commands
  • Global Currency System
  • Role-playing games
  • Best currency system on discord
  • Makes the server more fun
  • Customizable
  • Many users have reported that the Dank Memer bot experiences technical issues that result in outages.
To make a Dad joke  pls joke
Displays the latest memes available on Redditpls meme
To view wholesome memespls wholesome
Makes the bot say whatever you want with emojispls emojify
Make the bot say whatever you want with a party frog formpls partyfrog
If you want to diss someonepls roast

Dank Memer offers 3 premium packages to access its VIP features:

  • $2 per month for Dank Patreon
  • $5 per month for Mega Meme
  • $10 per month for Meme Supporter 

Dank Memer:

GAwesome Bot

GAwesome Bot is a highly customizable, multifunctional bot that can be used for various purposes. It supports entertainment, utility, information, and more commands, and features. With the GAwesome Bot, you can not only play games but also search on multiple sites, construct and enter giveaways, and earn your ranking as a member.

  • Trivia games
  • Giveaways
  • To-do lists
  • Generates memes
  • Creates polls 
  • Powerful and interactive server
  • Robust extension system 
  • Customizable 
  • Frequently lags 
Displays a random picture of a puppy@dog
Shows a random joke@joke
Restricting a specific member from participating in the channel@mute
Instantly constructs a poll on the server@poll
View or assign yourself a role@role
Displays a random fact about cats@catfact

GAwesome Bot:

  • Multiplayer
  • Can play in teams
  • Free public leaderboard
  • Monthly trivia contest
  • Multilingual 
  • Community rewards
  • Can submit your questions 
  • Win a Discord Nitro 
  • The bot can get plagued with bugs that may take a few days to resolve. 
To start the game!start
Picking a topic!categories
To finish playing the game!stop

You can access more questions and longer quickfire rounds by purchasing the Premium version of TriviaBot for only 8 pounds per month. 


Best Bots for Streaming

Sx Bot 

The Sx Bot is the ideal bot on Discord for streaming. A multifunctional bot supports Twitch and Youtube live streaming notifications with a few commands. The Sx Bot is the only Discord bot that currently features roles such as streaming roles, nitro booster roles, reaction roles, etc. 

  • A special role for streamers
  • Easy to use stream notifications 
  • All streamers who are ‘live’ can be categorized in one section 
  • Adaptive
  • Customizable
  • Intuitive 
  • Frequent troubleshoot problems
Allows the user to set or reset notifications of Discord live in the channelDlivechannel
Only added streamers can see your live notificationsDliveonlystreamers
Sets or resets live logs channel for a serverDlivelogs
A guide to help set up Discord Voice Chat Streaming AlertsDlivehelp
Sets or resets a role that is assigned when Live Streaming in a Discord Voice ChatDiscordliverole

For Discord benefits and Premium access, Sx offers three packages:

  • Sx Pro for $3 a month
  • Sx Pro PLUS for $5 per month
  • Sx Pro ULTIMATE for $10 a month 

Sx Bot:


NightBot is useful for providing chatbox commands for your live stream. It has built-in features and moderations that can entertain your viewers. Ultimately making them stick around for longer. 

  • Twitch integration 
  • YouTube integration 
  • XSplit feature
  • OBS feature
  • Showcases your Discord voice channel
  • Discord text chat can be viewed from any channel or stream 
  • Customizable 
  • Demotes or kicks people if they have not subbed for some time 
Displays list of commands!commands
Viewers can see the current game of the stream, and the mods can change it!game
Improves your streams tags!tags
The viewers can see the title of the stream and the mods can change it!title
A commercial or ad can run on your stream!commercial



Medal is a useful bot on Discord that allows streamers and other users to upload clips and videos via Discord. Earning Upvotes and submitting videos, and chatting can earn users’ rewards. The Medal bot assures that clips from your stream are automatically synced and highlighted to your Discord channel. Thus, viewers who may have missed the stream can watch the clips and react to them. 

  • Content submission 
  • Upvoting 
  • Game categories
  • Users can earn rewards and points 
  • Community rankings
  • Global rankings 
Retrieve a random clip from any category.randomclip
To submit a clip.submitclip
Subscribe for clips.subscribe
Displays your Medal Social Profile.mysocial
Retrieves a clip from a specific ID.clip


Best Bots for Gaming 


If you are a Pokemon fan, the PokeMeow bot will be the perfect game for you. It is the most played Pokemon game on Discord. It is a multiplayer game where you can catch, trade, and battle with other pokemon. Moreover, you can also play quests for in-game currency. 

  • Catch pokemon 
  • Side adventures 
  • Battle with other users 
  • earn rewards 
  • glitches frequently 
Get a quest;quest
To vote for a Pokemon;vote
View your Pokedex;dex
View your Pokemon;box

Mudae Bot

The Mudae bot is a high-quality, multi-purpose entertainment bot. You can catch and customize waifu and husbando characters from over 50,000 anime and video games. It also provides other games such as Pokemon.

  • Gacha Character Roulette
  • Play original multiplayer video games 
  • Catch Pokemon
  • Play word games
  • It is easy to play
  • Entertaining 
  • Easy commands to remember 
  • Slash commands sometimes do not work.
$wAssigns users a random female character from any video game or anime to marry to
$hAssigns users a random male character from any video game or anime to marry to
$waAssigns users a random female character from any anime to marry to
$wgAssigns users a random female character from any video game to marry to


IdleRPG is an entertaining role-playing bot. With this bot, you can go on quests, fight battles, marry other players, and engage in trade. You can create multiple exciting stories with other players. It is a fun bot to use.

  • Multiplayer
  • Creating your protagonist 
  • Battling other players 
  • Interesting storyline 
  • Customizable character 
To place a bet$bet
To draw money or a card$draw
To start a new adventure$cancel
Displays how many battles you’ve won$death


Other Useful Bots 

Other than all those major categories, there are some other fun bots that you can add to your servers. A few of them are mentioned down below.

  • FreeStuff: sends updates and messages for games that are free 
  • Sesh: for scheduling and managing purposes 
  • GameStats: share your gaming stats with your friends 

How to Add Bot to Your Server 

The first step is to identify which bot you want to use with the features you need. Underneath most bots, there is an ‘Invite’ option. You’ll be redirected to a bot page. Here you click ‘Invite’ again, and you’ll be able to add the bot to your server directly. Some bots, however, do not show the ‘Invite’ option. In this case, click on the bot you want, and you’ll be redirected to the bot’s website. You will then have to ‘Add to Discord’ and log into your discord account.


These bots are ideal for improving your Discord server experience and attracting other members to join your server. In this guide, we have provided you with an in-depth detailed guide of the best bots Discord has to offer, with the basic commands listed to their cons. What are you waiting for? Download these entertaining, time-saving bots, and avail their VIP features via their premium packages.


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