As a reading enthusiast, you must constantly be in search of reliable websites where you could download your ebooks and audiobooks from. Well, you’ve landed on the correct page.

You must have tons of questions in your mind such as whether it is safe to download data or not? Whether you need to use a VPN or not? Keep reading to get them all cleared.

All websites mentioned in this article are top-ranked and consumers’ favourites.  All of them are authentic and have a wide variety of books available.

Pros and cons of downloading books from torrent sites

Before we proceed to the sites that you want to look up to, to get hold of your favourite e-books, here is a piece of information that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


  • Books are available in multiple languages
  • They are available for free
  • You can choose your desired format of books
  • Fewer advertisements compared to other sites


  • Copyright issues may arise
  • Country policies may affect usage
  • No guarantee of you finding the latest indexed files

Best e-book and Audio Book Torrent Sites:

AUDIOBOOK BAY bay is rated as the number one website for downloading audiobooks. This site has a categorized collection of e-books which makes finding different books easier. More than 5.3 lakh people visit the page every month. Despite the in-page ads that can be annoying, audiobooks bay is the most liked website for torrents.
MYANONAMOUSE audiobooks bay, myanonamouse is a private site that requires you to be a member before you can download your content. With an enormous collection of ebooks and audiobooks, myanonamouse has approximately 1.5 lakh views per month. Along with downloading books, you also get a chance to chat with people and make new friends worldwide.
THE PIRATEBAY hasn’t heard about the Pirate Bay? This site makes it to the list of best ebook and audiobook torrent sites as it has an enormous collection of books. The downside is that you might face heavy traffic on site that leads to slow working speed.
KICKASS TORRENT original website for kickass torrents was shut a few years ago, so what you see on the internet is a version of the original site. It is quite reliable as it ranks pretty high. The features are simple, and the website is easy to navigate through. The download speed is quite satisfactory, and browsing is safe too. However, it is still recommended to have an antivirus downloaded to your computer.
LIMETORRENTS is one of the oldest and most trustable torrent sites with good quality content that is also easily available. The site is safe with no risks of malware and has approximately 15 million visits each month. One disadvantage is that audiobooks aren’t available in separate categories; you have to manually search for them. And with new books being uploaded every day, it gets a bit difficult to search files.
ZOOQLE is a completely free torrent website. It has a separate section for audiobooks which saves you the hassle of searching through thousands of different files. Monthly visits of over 6 lakh have been recorded, which speaks for how great the surfing experience on this site is. However, while using this site you need to be extra careful. You will have to download an ad blocker before you do anything. Adds on zooqle can infect your computer easily. 
TORRENT DOWNLOADS Downloads has a ranking of number 5 on the list of best torrenting sites. Huge amounts of audiobooks are available that include famous series such as “the twilight saga.” The site has no risks and is completely safe, but it is advised to download an ad blocker and anti-virus software to be completely sure. The site doesn’t have many seeders, and thus the downloading speeds are slow.
1337X is by far the most popular website for downloading books on torrent. It has more than 60 million views per month and a wide variety of audiobooks available. One problem you might face is that the files aren’t sorted into separate sections, which makes it difficult to search files. New files are comparatively easier to search, and the downloading speed is fast. 1337x is banned in Australia, the UK, Austria, and Ireland.
TORLOCK you’re looking for a site that has complete collections of books or a series of books, especially nonfiction, Torlock is your go-to site. It has also been ranked amongst the safest torrent websites to download from. However, there is one drawback, due to limited seeders, their download speed is slow.
ZLIBRARY is a safe torrent site that has a clean UI and a section dedicated to ebooks. This makes the entire process easier and quicker. It offers advanced filtering options, that make the search easier for readers. It also displays the size of each book and the time it was uploaded to make sure you download the correct version.
LIBRARY GENESIS 2M in 2008, Library Genesis 2M has a vast collection of over 10000 ebooks and more than 5.5 million visitors each month. Since Library Genesis 2M has a number of books on Russian literature, if you’re not a fan of it, you may not find the type of your books. The most advantageous feature of this site is that most of the books here are available in PDF format.
WIKIBOOKS is one of the very few websites that are available all over the world. The rest may have been restricted depending on the country. Their huge database covers ebooks in a total of ten languages, including English, Hindi, Italian, and Dutch. It has a clean UI, and the website is really simple to use.
FREE E-BOOKS.NET is one of the most easily accessible Torrent sites where you can download ebooks and audiobooks. It has a wide variety of books that encompass all genres. It is very easy to search for books because books are categorized genre-wise. In addition to that, files are downloaded in PDF format, so you don’t need to install any extra applications. All you need to do is sign up on their website, and you can start downloading your books for free.
BOOKS SHARE you want a pleasant browsing experience and are looking for a well-organized website to download your favourite books from, Books share where you must head to. All the books are categorized according to their genre. Besides that, the language of the book, the size of the file, and the number of pages are mentioned. Signup is required before you can start downloading, and that is totally worth it.
BOOKYARDS reliable and safe torrent site for downloading e-books and audiobooks is Booksyard. It contains more than 7000 books, their genre ranging from fiction to spirituality, and are categorized accordingly. Downloading is free and is available worldwide. Books are directly downloaded in a PDF format that can be read by all devices. The site is safe from all kinds of malware. 
EXTRA TORRENT of the oldest and most reliable websites to access pirated data. The site has been banned in many countries, but you can easily access it by using a VPN. Thousands of books are available here that are helpful for both students and professionals.
PROJECT GUTENBERG Project Gutenberg is the first-ever website to introduce e-books. It is easy and safe to access. More than 60,000 books are available here. It is completely safe to use, and titles are easy to search.
MANYBOOKS you are looking for a popular title, you may not find the free version here, but if you’re a reader who likes to try out reading new books, you’ll surely love this site. Since Manybooks doesn’t promote piracy, their database of free books is limited; however, you can buy books at a much lower price. Their website is quite safe and has an attractive layout and an easy-to-use interface.
SMASHWORD easily accessible website that contains a large variety of books and audiobooks. It is a safe website to download from. It is the largest distributor of indie books. Books that are not available on other websites are available here. Authors from all around the world can easily share their work. Moreover, it is free and easy to use.
DEMONOID is a semi-private site and does not require an invite to access. It is known for having content that isn’t available on any other website. Along with a wide range of e-books and audiobooks, different movies, music, and anime are also available here. The site is completely safe and doesn’t let malicious software get downloaded. The only con of this website is that its downloading speed is quite low.
TORRENT GALAXY of the most reliable sites for downloading all kinds of data is Torrent Galaxy. Books are a comparatively new addition to their site, so they don’t have a separate section for them. You will have to be more detailed and specific while searching for your desired books. It has about 12 million monthly views but is blocked by individual ISPs in some states. You might need to use a VPN for that. Furthermore, in-page ads might pop up frequently, so it is advised to download an ad blocker.
TORRENDS 1.3 lacks visits per month, Torrends is one of the most browsed torrent sites. It has ebooks and audiobooks from all genres and all ages. What could be better than being able to access more than 600 websites from a single site? However, a small inconvenience that you might have to face is the in-page pop-up ads.

How to download your favorite e-book or audio book from these sites?

If you have previously downloaded movies or any other files from torrent websites, you can start right away. But if you are new and are not aware of the downloading procedure, you don’t need to worry; we’ve got it covered for you.

Download Torrent Client

You cannot download files directly from torrent websites, and you need a torrent client. Torrent clients are applications that enable you to download and share data from these websites. The first step in downloading your books is to install a torrent client. BitTorrent, uTorrent, and Deluge are some of the best and easily available client software.

Select Torrent site

After you have downloaded your Torrent client, the next step is choosing your torrent website. Select the website you want to download your book from. All websites mentioned above are easily accessible and have thousands of ebooks and audiobooks available.

Choose your book

Search your desired book in the search box. Make sure the content you are looking for is not copyrighted and legal to access.

  1. Select the book and go to downloading options
  2. Click on the option for “Torrent,” your file will start to download.
  3. You will receive a notification when the download is complete; left-click on the notification, and your book will start installing.
  4. The book is not always installed in PDF form, so depending if your system supports the file format or not, you might need to install an extra reading app.
  5. After you have installed the app, open it, and all your downloads will appear there. 

You can now start reading or listening to your book.

Is it Safe?

Torrent is the most common peer-to-peer, or you can say consumer-to-consumer sharing of files without involving the central servers.

Torrenting itself is not an illegal practice but you may get into trouble if you intentionally or accidentally download material subjected to copyright. Torrenting is considered unsafe because files subjected to copyright do not come with a table. Most of the time, you will find out only after you have downloaded them. That is when you can get into trouble and be charged against your activity.

It is recommended to use a VPN while you surf on torrent sites. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to stay safe.

Here is how you can torrent safely by setting up a VPN connection:

  • Download and install the VPN you wish to use.
  • If the VPN has a kill switch, you will be required to enable that
  • Next, you need to connect your device to a VPN server
  • Once these three things are done, your online activity is secure.
  • You can now use a torrent client and safely download whatever files you want.


Torrent Sites are undoubtedly one of the best platforms for accessing and downloading your favourite ebooks and audiobooks for free. There are countless sites where you can download these books from. Some of the most browsed and trustworthy sites have been mentioned in the table given above. All of them have a wide range of books that you can choose from. Some of these websites may require you to use a VPN before you access them.

Happy torrenting!


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