Are you facing slow loading of  your WordPress dashboard section and do not have any idea how to solve it? then this guide is probably for you. I recently also faced slow backend issue with my WordPress sites which I hosted on dedicated servers with a lot of resources, I was feeling strange that why my sites are slow with very good resources and then soon I figure out the issues which were causing lags, so here are some things you can do right know to solve issue without hiring any developer for it.

Mostly front end of sites works fine but backend lag and causes too much trouble, so don’t panic and start solving.

Try Optimizing your site

Sometimes database optimisation can boost up your site, this is a simple task and very helpful for long term sites, just install WP-Optimize WordPress plugin and run it, it will remove auto drafts, spam comments and other things that can cause issues. You are going to see some difference soon.

wp optimize

W3 Cache Plugin

w3 cache plugin boost your site frontend speed but it can lag your backend. It was the main culprit in my case. To boost our site speed we enable everything this plugin offer but most of us don’t exactly know what these options are going to do.

so the thing that may have slowed your backend is Object cache, just go to plugin setting and uncheck Object cache and save settings, you will see a huge difference, if not then you can try other things.


Less Resources and More Consumption

WordPress alone can’t complete our site so we need plugins and themes to make a site we want. Adding more plugins increase size functionality but it also increases resources consumption. So it can also be an issue with your theme or plugins, the best advice is to find the plugin which is causing lag by deactivating all plugin one by one and comparing the results. If you can’t lose the functionality of that plugin then you have to get more resources.

Update Everything

Keep your site up to date with latest plugins and themes, old versions can also cause your site to lag, if your theme or plugin developer have stopped updates long ago then try to use the alternative of that thing or hire a developer to keep stuff updated.

Reinstalling WordPress

If nothing helps then try to reinstall WordPress files but only in the case when you know how to do that right way, otherwise you may lose important data. Create backups before doing anything.

Hope this helps, if you have any problem regarding WordPress you can ask me in comments.


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