When it comes to online shopping from our favorite USA & UK brands, we love to have delivered at the doorstep. Shipping overseas has always been a problem for most of us since packages are charged heavily. And now, thanks to Ship7, shipping overseas is more accessible and cheaper.

Many people who avoid shopping online should think again. You don’t need to have a friend from the USA or UK for online shopping. Ship7 will be your best friend who lives in the USA & UK if you want to shop from the USA & UK and get your purchases quickly at your doorstep.

 Ship7 provides USA & UK addresses to its customers. Global shoppers can simply shop from USA & UK online stores with these addresses as they live in the USA or UK. After Ship7 receive their packages at Ship7 warehouses, forward them to their doorstep with the trusted shipping partnerships like FedEx, DHL, UPS, Aramex or Postaplus.

Although there are different alternative package forwarder companies, you need to be careful about some points when you work with them.  Even though their shipping rates seemed, don’t be mistaken. Extra fees from additional services cause you to spend more and more. Being aware of the difference at shipping rates might not be enough for you to save more. There is no membership fee at Ship7; you can instantly receive your USA & UK address after registration. And also, Ship7 offers a lot of additional services for free, like consolidation of your packages to save more and get them delivered at once. Thanks to their repacking service you can spend more on shopping instead of shipping. 

 One of the most important advantages of Ship7 is its tax-free shopping option. If you choose to send your packages to their tax-free warehouse, you can simply avoid paying taxes while shopping from the USA. Tax-free shopping is also a reason why many international buyers recommend Ship7, who love shopping from global brands. You can easily unlock their ultimate benefits by registering.  In case if any brand is asking you for the credit card payment, which is not accessible or showing errors, you can quickly tell Ship7 to pay on behalf of you with their Shop For Me service. Now, you get one more reason for effortless shopping.

How to Shop from USA & UK with Ship7?

You can shop internationally from Ship7 with the help of the following steps

1. Sign up to get your unique USA and UK addresses. You don’t need to spend at all on the process of registration.

2. Once you sign up, enter your Ship7 address as your shipping address at check out when you shop in the US or UK websites. You can shop for a variety of renowned stores.

3. You can shop and ship according to your preferences, based on how quickly you need the product to be delivered. You need to choose one of the suitable shipping company for you.

4. You can expect the delivery of your purchases approximately after 2-5 working days, depending on the shipping company you selected. Get your ordered items delivered at your doorstep.


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