Today, I well tell you how you can watch or stream torrents without downloading it on your computer, or without using uTorrent or any other torrent client. By healthy torrents I mean those torrents which have decent amount of seeders to begin with. Continue reading to find out how… ?

Movies are a great source of entertainment, but sometimes we crave to watch a specific movie or TV show which is not available in the DVD stores. Or a TV show which you just missed and want to watch it on your computer.

The only solution is Torrent, as they are the best way you can get that kind of content from, for free obviously.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor this site is responsible for any copyright infringement that you end up doing, because we are talking torrents here. If you want to stay anonymous while watching torrents, a VPN service is the best way to go.

I will be listing a couple of ways you can get around watching torrents without downloading it on your computer. Every one of these methods are tested and was found working.


How to Watch/Stream Torrents Without Downloading?

You can Stream Torrents by using any of these methods:


PopCorn Time

If you haven’t heard of PopcornTime before then either you are living under a rock or you are new into torrents. PopcornTime is a free program that makes streaming any torrent a breeze. It makes watching torrents so easy that TechTimes named it as “NetFlix for torrents”

The idea behind PopcornTime is that you should be able to stream torrents without downloading and storing it in your system. This program actually got a lot of red flags from copyrights owners that the developers of PopcornTime were even sued.

Cool thing about PopcornTime is that it also includes a premium VPN feature which makes going anonymous even easier. You can download PopcornTime for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and many other Operating Systems from


Cloud Solution

Cloud computing is so amazing that you don’t even have to buy a VPN service to watch torrent movies and TV shows anonymously. There are many cloud torrent caching websites which allow its users to download any torrent of their choice in to the cloud and stream it from there. is an amazing website which is one of the best (at least what I could find) to download torrents in cloud and watch it straight from there. They also offer premium plans just in case free storage is not sufficient for you. They even have a free extension for Google Chrome which lets you cache your torrents in the cloud and watch it inside the browser without having to download the torrent on your PC.

Signup at from this link and get extra 500 Megabytes storage in your cloud account for free.



If you didn’t get the hang of the services like PopcornTime and Seedr.ccthen you should definitely try Kodi. It is an open source media center platform which takes your media center experience to the boss level.

With Kodi and Torrent addons installed in it, you wouldn’t find yourself leaving it ever. There are literally thousands of addons and repositories for Kodi that the possibilities are endless.

Watching Live TV, Movies, TV Shows or anything else you like, there is an addon for that in Kodi. You can download it from for free and install it on almost any operating System you can think of.

There you have the most amazing solutions by which you can stream torrents without downloading it. If even Kodi didn’t impress you then nothing will.

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