People from all around the world are looking forward to the cheapest way to ship internationally. The answer is easy; Ship7! Ship7 gives free shipment addresses to all its members. All you need to do is signing up with Ship7 to get USA & UK addresses. After getting addresses, you will shop from all the US & UK online stores from wherever you are! Sign up with Ship7 now to receive FREE USA & UK addresses now.

Most of the global shoppers prefer to shop from US online stores because their websites have a wider range of products, and shopping from the USA is cheaper than shopping from their own countries. The package forwarders like Ship7 take care of your packages after sending them to their shipment address. Ship7 collects your packages at your very unique suite and lets you ship many packages out at the same time. 

How Ship7 works?

The general package forwarder companies process is to receiving your packages and sending them to your local address.

  1. Shop from anywhere in the USA & UK.
  2. Use your Ship7 address at checkout.
  3. Get notification once Ship7 receives your package and ship them out with the carrier you choose.
  4. Get your parcels delivered to your home.

Ship7 provides the cheapest international shipping rates since they sent a massive amount of packages; they have better rates than you can have individually.

Why Ship7?

There are many alternative package forwarder companies, especially the most known ones, of course. But if you can care about quality and your money, you need to be pickier. Ship7 provides most of its service for free.

  • FREE Membership
  • FREE USA & UK addresses 
  • FREE Photos of your packages
  • FREE Consolidation
  • FREE Storage for 60 days

There are no hidden fees, and they are very responsive at every step of the process. You don’t need to worry about not only the shipping cost but also the safety of your packages. There so many other features that you will love at Ship7.

  • Shop for me option
  • Tax-free warehouse option
  • Lowest shipping rates
  • Trusted carrier companies

How to get USA & UK addresses?

Once you sign up with Ship7, you will immediately get your USA & UK addresses for free. There is no membership fee. 


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