Tekken 7 is the highest selling game of the Tekken game series. Tekken itself is the largest and most famous franchise of the fighting game series. The series has come a long way with regards to its gameplay and graphical content. Tekken games are famous for their fast gameplay. Each character in the game has his/her own distinct fighting style. In the latest version, Tekken has introduced some more new characters. The originality of the character background stories makes Tekken stand out from all  other fighting games.


If you have been a Tekken fan since the arcade days, then you will already have the latest installment in the series either for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.


Tekken 7 is still home to the old-yet-gold characters such as King, Jin, Kazuya, Yoshimitsu, Paul, and so many other paradigmatic fighters. Apart from the classic Tekken fighters, Tekken 7 has introduced several new characters such as Akuma (the main villain), Shaheen (the Arabian fighter), etc.


If you are new to the Tekken series, you might want to get hold of some helpful tips and hacks. First, you need to grasp some tips to play Tekken 7.




  • Practice the Moves

The first main step in becoming a pro at Tekken 7 is to develop your expertise with either just one or a few characters. Tekken 7 has an abundant number of fighters. Each fighter in the game has as a different story background. If you look keenly into the stories of the fighters, you will see that each one of them has a different fighting style, coherent with their background stories. For example, King has a background of a professional wrestler due to which his fighting moves in the gameplay conform to such moves. Marshall Law’s gameplay follows the martial arts style. In this way, each fighter has his own distinct moves and different combos.

Because of all the facts mentioned above, it is vital for you first to get a firm grasp of any one of the characters. Or choose a character that you feel more comfortable playing within the game. Once you have selected, you need to practice the moves. Tekken 7 has fast gameplay. The action and response time is phenomenal. Therefore, it will be better if you first practice your moves (by  selecting your favorite fighter) in the Training or Practice modes. Use all the different combos to improve your fighting style. Practicing the moves will help you fight like a professional whenever you play the Story Battle or an online Tekken Tournament.

Tekken has introduced two new features : Rage Art and Rage Drive. These two new features can cause much damage to the opponent if used at the right time with the right combos. These new features also add a dynamic camera angle.


  • Proper Time to Use Combos

The right place to practice the combos is the Practice or Training mode. Don’t try to learn all the combos at once as it can be hard remembering all of them. Start with a few basic combos and then increase gradually. After you develop enough skills with the combos, try using them in the arcade mode. It would be even better if you played with a computer in the arcade mode. When you begin your practice in the arcade mode, think about the appropriate time to use the proper combos. Foremost step for using the combos at the perfect time is first to weaken the opponent. You can undermine or annoy the opponent by hitting low or performing certain jab movements. By doing so, the opponent gets annoyed, and it will provide you the appropriate time to use the combos. Using the combos at such instants will cause more damage to the opponents.


  • Choose Your Character

This is the most crucial part in the entire gameplay. The first point mentions this in detail. Choosing your character is choosing your strength. If you are comfortable with the Martial Arts style, then the right character option for you will be Marshall Law. On the other hand, if you have expertise with the street fighting, then Paul is hands down the most appropriate choice.

Choosing a character defines your strength so make sure you select the right one. You can enhance your fighting moves by trying out combos as mentioned in the second point.


  • Learn from Mistakes

You can never learn if you never make a mistake. You will grasp more knowledge by losing in the story and arcade battles. Sometimes you lose because either you are too hesitant to make a move or too impatient to use the appropriate combos. Arcade battles demand technique and smart play.


  • Be Confident

Be confident about your gameplay. If you are unsure and hesitant about the moves you make, then there’s a pretty good chance of you losing. Be smart and be confident when you are playing Tekken 7. The major confidence booster will be your favorite character. The challenging task in Tekken 7 is fighting against Akuma (the main villain). Akuma has been programmed featuring special combat moves. If you choose to play Story Battle then winning from Akuma can be a bit of a challenging task. As per my experience of playing Tekken 7, you can easily defeat Akuma with Devil Jin. Devil Jin has flying abilities, so it provides easy and effective defense against Akuma. So, if you’re planning to play the lengthy Story Battle of Tekken 7, then you should practice moves with Devil Jin because it will be your confidence booster as it can perform an attack while flying.



You can unlock the below mentioned “achievements” as follows:


  • “Crushing Impact” & “Please Don’t Tell My Father”

To unlock these achievements, select Alisa and the Jungle Outpost map in the practice mode. Push your opponent to the balcony and press Left+A. It will perform the Spinning Top and will unlock the “Crushing Impact.” If you repeat this process near the vines, it will unlock the “Please Don’t Tell My Father” achievement.


  • “Destructive Drive” and “Going Somewhere”

In the practice mode, select Alisa and Forgotten Realm maps. If you press Y+B, it will perform a throw smashing the floor. It will unlock the “Destructive Drive” achievement. Performing the steps three times will unlock “Going Somewhere” achievement.


  • “Master of the Iron Fist”

You can unlock this achievement if you have successfully played the Story Battle. Winning the story battle will unlock a special chapter featuring the fight of Kazuya and Akuma. If you press LB+A, you will unlock this achievement.


Go grab a copy of Tekken 7 right now!



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