This is my story of why I purchased GoPro Hero 5 and how it totally disappointed me. GoPro may be good for consumers but it’s not something meant for professionals.


I love capturing the natural scenery. This is my hobby and I really enjoy it. I am a frequent traveler and whenever I go to some beautiful place I always try to capture amazing shots and videos that will make others Wow.

Road trips are something that I really enjoy and for very long I wanted to record my complete road trips videos and share them with others on YouTube & social media. I never succeed in making a single complete video with DSLR, because there are hell a lot of problems with DSLR.

Recently, when I was surfing on Youtube I saw some Indian guys making hours of road trip videos (YT Channel: Himalayas Roads), I wondered how they are doing it. I really enjoyed their videos and their videos give me the inspiration to start making my own road trip videos. So I started searching how to do that.

My biggest problem was getting the right camera, which should be able to capture longer videos with manual controlling requirements. I used Nikon DSLR but it was limited to 30 minutes of video recording only. This means I have to press recording button after every thirty minutes and as a solo traveler, I can’t make videos and drive at the same time.

My second problem was holding the stand in a car as I haven’t found a single working DLSR mount that can hold DSLR stable on the dashboard (It’s nearly impossible to stick anything with my car dashboard, nothing stick on it). I give the DSLR holding task to my friends when I go out with them but mostly I go alone so there wasn’t any way to make videos with DSLR. It’s also not easy to make long road trip videos when I have someone with me. The person has to take care of focus, stability and pressing record button after every 30 Minutes instead of enjoying a road trip. And another problem that I read online was that you can’t continuously record longer videos with DLSR as it can burn camera sensor.

And another problem that I read online was that you can’t continuously record longer videos with DLSR as it can burn camera sensor.

So after I failed to use DSLR, I started thinking about other possible solutions. First one was Dashcams. So I started searching about best dash cams but I haven’t found a single dash cam which can give me as good quality as DSLR. After a lot of research, I find out that GoPro is something that is designed for similar stuff so I purchased it from a local store (GoPro Hero 5) and then for the first time used on my longest road trip of 4000KM.


My GoPro Story

GoPro interface was quite simple and easy to use. Video quality was looking good but I didn’t have an idea about its fisheye lens. After few tests, I recorded my 24-hour long road trip videos with it. I have to transfer videos to my laptop several times on the way to clear up space but I was happy that I finally I am getting what I want.

After returning from a road trip I turned on the laptop and started watching what I have captured and the result was very disappointing. I never thought how boring videos GoPro will capture, my Samsung Galaxy phone can make much better videos. I found out that DSLR has way better video quality, color grading, and sharpness than GoPro.
I hated the videos. Videos I captured were not engaging compared to videos I captured with DSLR. DSLR videos are very engaging and insist person to keep watching but that was not the case with GoPro. So, I deleted all the videos! – All in vain.


Solution to low-Quality Videos

I started searching online to see if the problem is with me or with other people too. I came to see that many other people have complained the same problem.

I also watched videos where people were sharing hacks to improve video quality in Adobe premiere pro with luts and color grading but results were still not satisfying. The only reason I think GoPro is surviving is that of its small size and a large number of mounts. Other than that there is nothing special in it.


Whose GoPro Cam For?

  • For Sports videos maker.
  • Good for time-lapse.
  • For mounting in small places.
  • Making Underwater videos.

If you think these are enough reason to buy then Go ahead and if you are a professional photographer/videographer then GoPro will never be a good friend for you.


Why it’s not good?

  • Video Quality is low (not resolution).
  • It looks like that you made videos from old Nokia phone. Not for professionals.
  • Color grading, Contract & situation is very bad.
  • Videos are very soft instead of being sharp.


It’s my personal review of GoPro, you have right to disagree but one thing I can say for sure is that GoPro video quality is not something that worth spending the money. Its good for common people but not for professionals. Still, I have seen many professionals recommending it but they were only recommending it, because of its 4k and high frame rate video capability. There is nothing more in it.

By the way, I fond out some more hacks to use DSLR for making videos but if you think there is a better way for making long road trips videos then please share with me.


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  1. It really sucks. Yup Sucks but don’t say its bad for everyone.

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