You can’t find a person who uses the internet and doesn’t know about Google. Google is king of the internet, it controls and regulates the online world. Every internet user is bound to use it every day. You may be surprised to know that big company like Amazon, eBay, and Microsoft also depends on Google for their revenue.

Google always tries to innovate and create amazing products which can make an impact on people lives. For the people who don’t know, Google is started by two college students as their study project but now it’s one of world biggest tech company. Google has always beaten its competitor by making innovative products. Currently, Google has more than 200 products behind its search engine.

This simple search engine which we use every day has more than two million line of codes at its back which make it so useful and intelligent. Do you ever been taken to any misleading or nonhelpful site from Google?! No, because Google checks 200+ factors in every site before it ranks them. And Guess what! there are more than 10M sites on the internet, Checking 200 factors in millions of sites seems impossible, but all this work is done so nicely that it’s totally seamless.

In this post, I am gonna share some amazing Google Tricks & tips that you can try today. Let me know what you like in the comment box.


Fun Stuff

Here are some fun activities you can try at Google right now.


Do A Barrel Roll

Yeah, open Google in a new tab and type “do a barrel roll”. See how magically the whole page will perform a barrel roll. It really looks magical to me.


Zerg Rush

Type Zerg Rush in Google and see an amazing surprise. See how the whole page will be taken by Google O’s. This idea was taken from Starcraft game. This is actually like a game, you have to stop O’s from taking over the page by clicking on them until all are finish but you won’t be able to compete in this game for very long.

Loneliest Number

What is the loneliest number on the planet? Of course, 1 is loneliest. Google can prove it.


Google Gravity

Google Gravity is another amazing project where every part of Google falls down due to Gravity. You can then pick and throw any part in the air. There are two ways to access Google gravity. Either you can type Google Gravity in Google and then press “I am feeling lucky” or directly open this link.


Google Space

Think if all the elements on google homepage are physical and you can take them to space. How will they react? How will they collide and what will whole process looks like. Check out this amazing project by Mrdoob here.

On the page, you can totally interact with every element, just like you are really present in space.


Play PacMan

Do you remember famous childhood video game Pacman, where we have to save our insect from other small insects and take all the dots? You can revamp your childhood memories by playing this game right now at Google homepage. Just google “Play Pacman” and the game will be right in front of you.

Don’t forget to share your level with me in comments.


Flip a Coin

Don’t have the coin to toss? No Problem, you have Google. Just google “flip a coin” and it will flip for you. You will either get head or tail. It’s totally random.


Atari Breakout in Google Images

Breakout is famous arcade game developed and published by Atari, Inc, which was released in 1976. This game idea becomes so famous that it is still played by hundred thousand of people & game is currently developed by many studios under different names. If you have played this game in your childhood and wanna re-taste the history, then simply go to Google –> Search “Atari Breakout” –> Go to image section –> Play the game.

You don’t need to install any software or do any other thing.


Google Mirror

Everything looks flipped in the mirror. You can flip Google same like you are viewing it in the mirror. This is a fun tool which is not actually developed by Google but its fun to use it. Check it out here.


Google Guitar

Google is famous for its amazing doodles. Doodles are Google way of supporting and presenting a tribute to different personalities and different occasions. Google Guitar is also a doodle created by Google on Les Paul 96th birthday. Lester William Polsfuss, known as Les Paul, was an American jazz, country, blues guitarist, and inventor. He was one of the pioneers of the solid-body electric guitar.

Check out this doodle here.



There are many tools & services you can use live on Google instead of downloading & installing them. Some of them are listed below.


Currency Conversion

Google have latest Currency exchange rates so its very easy for you to convert any currency into any other currency. Just Google the currency from which you want to convert to the targeted currency, like “One dollar to PKR”, or “1 Dinar = dollar”.


Speed Test

There are many sites for testing your internet speed but now you no longer need to use any other site. Simply Google Speed Test and it will show the option to run a speed test on the homepage. Speed test by Google is only offered in only few countries so you may not see it depending on your country.



Google has its own built-in calculator. You don’t need to visit any site to use a calculator nor you need to install any app. Just Google calculator and it will be in front of you. You may not find this tip useful as most of the people have already used it, but don’t worry we have more informative stuff below.


Timer Or Stop Watch

Just Google Timer or stopwatch and it will be in front of you. Now it’s easier than ever to start a timer or stop watch. You can also ask Google assistant to set it for you.


Tip Calculator

How much tip you should give to a waiter which makes him happy and you stay on budget too. No answer? No problem. Google baba have an answer for it too. Google can calculate tip according to your Bill. It is calculating on 15% basis for me so I don’t know what percentage it may choose for you. It is possible that Google change tip rate depending on the country.



UK have different measurement units than the US and that sometimes lead people to make the wrong decision on wrong concepts. It’s even not a problem anymore, you can convert most of the units into each other. You just need to make sure that you enter the numbers & syntax in writer manner so Google can get it.

You can convert a lot of stuff like power, distance and everything we need on daily basis.

Examples you can google:

1 mile = km
1 gallon = liter
1 watt = horsepower
1 $ = PKR


Mortgage Calculator

In some countries, Google also shows mortgage calculator but not in all countries so you may also give it a try to see if it works. It can make mortgage calculation easier for you.


Informative Stuff

IP Address

Don’t know your IP address? Google it and you will get it. The IP address is a unique id assigned to every user on the internet. Every device has its own IP, whether it’s mobile, PC or any other web-connected device. (There are two major types of IPs, one is IPv4 which is an older version and currently used by 90% of the people and the second type is IPv6 which is newly released version. The main difference between two version is that IPv4 only contain four three number series whereas IPv6 have six four number series and can also have alphabets in it. IPv6 is released to meet the demand of growing internet devices, especially IOT devices.)


Track your orders

Google has built-in orders tracker. You might have noticed that how google shows you orders emails. So If you want to track your incoming order, just add tracking number in google and ask it to track and it will tell you where your package is. Note: all package carriers are not supported. Only big courier companies are supported.


Check Flight Status

Google can give you real-time flight status. Any airline, any country. Just Google flight number and see the result. It’s quite helpful to check your flight before leaving for the airport.

Tip: You can also set up IFTT alerts to get a notice when a flight gets delayed or canceled.


Open blocked or offline sites

You don’t need proxies or VPN to open block sites and read their content. Google has built-in cache function that can give you a snapshot of last crawled page. Just search your required term and then click on cache next to site URL, under arrow icon. You may see the broken site so switch to text-only version and read the content easily.

This way you not only visit offline or restricted sites but also see the content of sites which require registration, paid membership or login. Yes! you can, but not for all sites.


Times: Sunrise or sunset

Not a morning g person! Don’t worry, it’s easy to check when it’s gonna sunrise and sunset. This is especially helpful for photographers as they can take benefit of lighting in these times. For those who don’t know, this time is called magic hours as the sun have very soft light and pictures taken to give you the very amazing result. Give it a try next time.


Translate on the Go

Google Translate app now lets you translate stuff in real time. Just open the app, click on the camera icon and then point it towards the text you are seeing, Google will automatically convert it in real time and show you text in your native language using AR, means you will see the same text written on mobile in your native app. It can be real life saying if you are visiting another country. But listen, this technology is still evolving so you may not find this service for all languages.


Search Hacks

See if content is stolen from somewhere

If you are a content publisher then you probably know how big issue it is that some authors simply replicate others work and mostly copy/paste and submit it to you. Most people currently use tools like Copyscape to check if the content is plagiarism free or not but don’t worry it’s not worth paying. You can easily see if the content is copied or not using Google. Just paste some part of the author submitted content on Google and Google will show you result, just visit first two sites to see if the content is really been picked from somewhere, If you don’t see any site having same content then the content is unique.

This is quite helpful. BTW I have invented this technique for my personal use.


Search in specific country, location or time

It was very easy few months before to switch Google to any other country but to recent EU punishments, Google has disabled this feature. No, you no longer can switch result country like you could do before, but no problem for us we have hacks.

Google is bound to show same locations results when you add country or location name in search.


Minus keyword

Sometimes we are searching something different and getting something different. This is really annoying as mostly Google shows the most famous result so to solve this problem, next time use minus sign and the specific word you don’t want to see in your search result. This will really narrow down the content and give you access what you really are searching.


Use operator to get exact result

You can use quotes in the search result and Google will give you exact search result matching with the string you placed in between those quotes. You may not know but Google doesn’t give you result for what you enter but it gives you result from the meaning of those words.



Search within site

Sometimes we find international search function of the site very less useful or some sites doesn’t even provide a search box, so to search content within the specific site, search in this way: Site: search words. is your site and search words are the words you are searching in the site.


Specific file format

Search specific file format in Google by adding its type in this format type=mp3.


Find Backlinks:

Are you a webmaster, then this tip will be really helpful for you. Using this way you see sites which link to your site and your competitor site. Now, this is really helpful because people who can’t pay for expensive tools can simply use Google for it.


You will not get all links but it may give you an overview.


Search result with exact titles

Want to see content with exact matching titles, then search this way: in the title: “”



Need definition of any word or topic Google with this tag define: and it will show you all the available information.

e.g: define:fun

I hope you like these fun hacks. If you know more, don’t forget to tell and if you have some that you have found yourself, then tell us, we will credit you. Don’t forget to share your favorite in comments. Thanks.


Hi Readers, Welcome to My Blog. I am Hamza Ahmed, a tech geek From Islamabad Pakistan. I love to write, code and explore new amazing stuff. You can connect with me on Twitter & Facebook. Read more about me here.

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