Fiverr is a Global marketplace where buyer and seller meet and make a deal, most deals are just in 5$ as indicated by the name of Fiverr, Sellers make gigs and buyers order them. Fiverr is cash machine using which you can earn a handsome passive income with little effort, but as there are millions of sellers on Fiverr, so there is tough competition in top-selling niches like Logo designing, copy writing, etc but using secret tricks which I will share here you can rank any gig you want.

Fiverr have millions of potential buyers looking for professional services, just we have to know the art of converting these potential buyers into sales, so here are few simple tips to help you make thousands of dollar per month from Fiverr, these are Guaranteed tips which I have experimented myself, so start working hard without any risk.


How to make Fiverr gig which looks better than others?

First of all, make a good gig, it depends upon your skills that what you can do better, Gig must have the following futures.


1. Write Lengthy content that compels buyers to buy your gig, its most important part of your success, you can get the example from top sellers of Fiverr, also highlight the important features of your gig.


2. Must add a video to catch buyers attention and he should feel that this is the only gig he is looking for, Fiverr ranking algorithm rank those gigs well which have a video with them, the video shouldn’t be longer than one minute, also it makes your gig more clear to buyers. Few Top sellers told me this as their secret for ranking their gigs at the top.


3. Add your previous work to show the buyer that you have done this before and you have good experiences in doing this.


4. Make your Gig Stand Out from others by making it unique and more powerful than any other one, according to my sources every gig posted on Fiverr passes manual review, in which moderator make decision to rank it or not, the main rule they use to determine gig eligibility is that how much serious you are with work, if you try to copy image from Google and do not do some extra stuff then surely your gig will go in lowest rank.


Gig extras can help you to earn big more than you expect so also add them with a compelling title.


Fiverr Gig Ideas

It all depend on you, what you can do and what you can’t & what you can do better than others, so first check your skills and then create a gig.

For a skilled person following jobs are good.

  • Graphic Designing (Logo designing, Card design, Papers, etc)
  • Video Creation (White Board videos, Documentaries)
  • Document type work (Infographics)
  • Copywriting (Writing on niches you are Good at)
  • Development (WordPress, HTML, CSS, Android apps, IOS apps)
  • Marketing (Video marketing, SEO, backlinks, Social Marketing)
  • Legal (Law-related work)
  • Voice (Tunes, Voice Recordings, Songs singing, Voice jingles)’

These are top categories on Fiverr where the most seller sells.


Easy Tasks

If you don’t have any skill then do the following easy jobs.

  • Header Designing ( – Free)
  • Logo Designing (Online Free Logo Designing sites)
  • White Board Videos (Video Sparkle, Video FX – Trails available)
  • Backlinks (Learn, it’s easy to do)


Fiverr Search Ranking Algorithm

80% of people come directly to Fiverr and search for gigs they are interested in, so Fiverr has a well-designed algorithm which ranks Gigs carefully after measuring certain Quality factors, you should know about these factors before ranking any Gig.

  1. Title, Description, Keyword & Category: effects the relevancy of Gig in search results, having a focused keyword in title and description is important.
  2. Reviews & Ratings: effects search rankings, so always make your customers happy to get five-star ratings.
  3. Response Time: is now taken as an important factor for ranking Gig.
  4. Active Time: (Active time spent on is also taken as profile ranking factor according to experienced sellers.
  5. Delivery Time: also effect rating, sellers which do not completely Gig in time have a hard-luck to improve Gig ranking.
  6. CTR: (Click through rate) effect the ranking of Gig in a search result, higher CTR will move up your ranking just like Google ranking, you can increase CTR by using an attractive image and title for your Gig.
  7. Gig Quality: As I have told you before that Fiverr Moderators count your efforts to rank your gig.


What to do After publishing?

After publishing your gig follow the below tips to optimize your Gig for more sales.


Social Sharing Can help

Social sharing is a good step to get some initial buyers, it will also improve the ranking of Gig in Google which can also bring potential customers for you, also you get some reviews from these buyers which give a boost to your Gig views.

It will be great if you boost your Fiverr Gig via Paid FB Ads, initial reviews will help you to gain popularity.


Buy or Exchange

Buy your gig yourself from another account or ask someone for gig exchange and then give five star rating from that account to your gig, it will increase visitor trust and experience which compel him to buy your gig, buy your own gig at least three times for good rating, after getting five star rating from three sales, Fiverr algorithm will improve position of your gig in its search result, which is important to get buyers.


Increase your Favourites (secret) (This might not work anymore !!!)


Fiverr ranking algorithm use favorite as ranking signal so higher the favorites topper will be ranking and more will be sales.

How to get unlimited favorites for your Fiverr Gig?: There is just simple secret to getting unlimited favorites to your Fiverr gig, this will just take your little extra time but believe me when you will complete this step you will be top of others, just you have to click on favorite yourself and then refresh your page and then fastly click again on favorite, now Fiverr will turn one favorite into two, repeat this process again and again as shown below and you will get big favorites, higher favorites will also increase buyer trust on your gig.

How many favorites I need?: just go to Fiverr and search for keyword for which you want to rank your gig and check how many numbers of favorite first gig have, you need the same number of favorites to rank your gig at that place so start this process, in starts its seems difficult, but soon you will see its fruit, remember that its secret.


What can I do more to affect my Gig Rankings?

Optimizing every part of Fiverr profile will help you to boost your GIG rankings, things you can do are.

1. Create a stunning Profile: Create an authority profile, some user check profiles before buying to ensure the quality of Gigs, you should look like a real person with good experience and ratings.

2. Improve your profile Level: Fiverr have their own level system through which it categorizes sellers, as your sales increase Fiverr will move your level up. Uplevel users have more Gig visibility than normal, so work hard and move up.

3. Drive Fake or Real visitors to your Gig: Fiverr may look direct traffic on your gigs, so providing some fake bot views ensure chances of being listed high or you can promote your gig via Facebook Ad to get a lot of sales and Traffic.

4. Build Some Backlinks: Building backlinks will not improve Fiverr rank but will boost your GIG ranking in Google so you can also drive potential visitors from Google to your Fiverr Gig.


If you followed all of my suggestions accurately, in a week you see your basket full of sales and you just have to work, hope this process will help you to earn big from Fiverr, just you have to do this at first time and after that Fiverr will take responsibility of everything.

Share your suggestions and other secrets with me if you have, you can also ask me Fiverr related questions in a comment and I will answer you everything.


Hi Readers, Welcome to My Blog. I am Hamza Ahmed, a tech geek From Islamabad Pakistan. I love to write, code and explore new amazing stuff. You can connect with me on Twitter & Facebook. Read more about me here.


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