Every day we signup on hundred of sites and apps where they ask us for our personal details including email and phone number, most of the time we don’t trust those sites as most of them either bomb our mail box with spam emails or they sell these details to third parties for their revenue. The solution to the problem is simple, have an alternative email address and phone number, I have already wrote a post on how to get a free virtual phone number on your PC or you can use these apps for free virtual phone number on your mobile phone to protect your mobile number from being spammed. There are a lot of services for alternative email but most of them don’t work as expected or their emails are not accepted on many signup forms so we have gathered the list of hundred best sites for diposiable email which don’t require you filling any signup forms. for most of us two to three services are enough but there are geeks who need a lot of email for their work so you can get them now with these services.

For most of us two to three services are enough but if you are a geek and need more services then you can get them here.


Advantages of using Disposable Mailbox

  • No spam in your personal mailbox.
  • No personal data sharing.
  • Easy to get as they don’t require filling signup forms.
  • No digital footprint of use.

Disadvantages of using Disposable Mailboxes

  • You will lose the email address after a certain period of time.
  • You can’t use email address later and it will cause a problem if you forget the password of that service and need to recover it.
  • The email provided by these services are not accepted by a lot of sites.

What can you use Temporary mail for?

  1. For downloading ebooks and using offers, where sites ask you to give your email in return.
  2. For commenting on the web where you don’t want to be tracked.
  3. For making backlinks and availing other web services.



Top Ten Best Disposable Email Providers

First sharing the top best email service providers which you can bookmark for later use, they work fine and are trusted.


1. Get Air Mail

get air mail

Getairmail is one of my favorite temporary mail services which anyone can use to get a free temporary email for a definate period of time, it’s simple fast and work without any problem.

  • Auto display incoming emails.
  • You can copy the link for later use.
  • Disposable if you don’t use 24 hours or more.
  • Private, only accessible to you.
  • Unlimited Emails option.
  • Free to use.

Website: getairmail.com


2. 10 Minute Mail


Ten minute is perfect disposable email service, you will a get unique email address which last for only ten mins, you can extend the time by clicking on refresh button next to time clock but it won’t extend time more than ten minutes which is quite amazing future when you have to deal with secure emails and conversations.

  • Disposable Email service.
  • Fast and Free.
  • Best for secret conversations and secure data.
  • Private & unique addresses.

Website: 10MinuteMail


3. Hidester


This is awesome temporary mail service you can use for signups on non-trusted sites. It works the same way like others and gives you control over your privacy.

  • 24-hour time limit.
  • No signup required.
  • Fast and Free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Best for usual sign ups.

Website: Hidester.com


4. Mailinator


This is also a good site for temp emails with paid services and API access which make it, even more, better, you can use basic version for a free and advanced version by paying small monthly fees.

  • Unlimited email address.
  • A lot of different domains.
  • Disposable.
  • Email can be used for a long time.

Website: mailinator.com


5. Temp Mail

temp mail

With beautiful interference, temp mail is on the fifth number on this list. As soon you enter the site you are provided with a free email address and site start checking incoming emails right away.

  • Help you avoid spam by providing alternative mail.
  • This site is secured with SSL protection.
  • Fast & efficient.

Website: tempmail.com


6. MintMail

mint mail

Simple and straight forward email service, just open the site and you will see the email address provided to you at the top right corner, you can use that mail to receive mail. It is ajax based which means you don’t need to refresh it for the sake of checking new emails.

  • Simple and straight forward view.
  • Work fine and free to use.

Website: www.mintemail.com


7. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail

One of the oldest sites for temp messages, help you fight email spam by using temp mail. This site have a lot of domain so you don’t have to worry if another site is not accepting the one.

  • Ability to add your own domain (paid).
  • Free and easy to use.
  • Trusted one.

Website: www.guerrillamail.com


8. Throw Away mail

throw away mail

Another fine solution for fighting spam emails,  use this free service with few ads and beautiful layout.

  • Free with very few ads.
  • Look amazing and work fine.

Website: www.throwawaymail.com


9. Email on Deck

email on deck

This is another lovely site with free disposable mail service. This site has built in spam protection for both users and emails.

  • Spam protected emails.
  • Fast and Free.
  • Beautiful look.

Website: www.emailondeck.com


10. Fake Mail Generator

fake mail

Awesome free fake mail generator for the sake of signups and spam protection.

  • Simple and awesome.
  • Many Domains.

Website: www.fakemailgenerator.com


More Free Email Sites

Need some more mail site, here are ninety-five more to use if you have something special to do.

  1. 30minutemail.com
  2. bobmail.info
  3. bodhi.lawlita.com
  4. bofthew.com
  5. brefmail.com
  6. broadbandninja.com
  7. bsnow.net
  8. bugmenot.com
  9. bumpymail.com
  10. casualdx.com
  11. 4warding.net
  12. link2mail.net
  13. litedrop.com
  14. lol.ovpn.to
  15. lookugly.com
  16. lopl.co.cc
  17. lortemail.dk
  18. lr78.com
  19. m4ilweb.info
  20. maboard.com
  21. mail.by
  22. mail.mezimages.net
  23. mail2rss.org
  24. mail333.com
  25. mail4trash.com
  26. mailbidon.com
  27. mailblocks.com
  28. mailcatch.com
  29. maileater.com
  30. mailfreeonline.com
  31. a-bc.net
  32. afrobacon.com
  33. ajaxapp.net
  34. amilegit.com
  35. amiri.net
  36. amiriindustries.com
  37. anonbox.net
  38. anonymbox.com
  39. antichef.com
  40. centermail.net
  41. chogmail.com
  42. choicemail1.com
  43. cool.fr.nf
  44. correo.blogos.net
  45. cosmorph.com
  46. courriel.fr.nf
  47. courrieltemporaire.com
  48. cubiclink.com
  49. curryworld.de
  50. cust.in
  51. dacoolest.com
  52. dandikmail.com
  53. dayrep.com
  54. deadaddress.com
  55. deadspam.com
  56. despam.it
  57. despammed.com
  58. devnullmail.com
  59. digitalsanctuary.com
  60. disposableaddress.com
  61. disposeamail.com
  62. disposemail.com
  63. dispostable.com
  64. dodgeit.com
  65. dodgit.com
  66. dodgit.org
  67. emailias.com
  68. emailigo.de
  69. emailinfive.com
  70. emailmiser.com
  71. etranquil.com
  72. etranquil.net
  73. etranquil.org
  74. explodemail.com
  75. fakeinformation.com
  76. fastacura.com
  77. fastchevy.com
  78. fastchrysler.com
  79. fastkawasaki.com
  80. fastmazda.com
  81. fastmitsubishi.com
  82. fastnissan.com
  83. fastsubaru.com
  84. fastsuzuki.com
  85. fasttoyota.com
  86. fastyamaha.com
  87. filzmail.com
  88. fizmail.com
  89. fr33mail.info
  90. frapmail.com
  91. front14.org
  92. kaspop.com
  93. keepmymail.com
  94. killmail.com
  95. killmail.net

Hope this article helped you, tell me which service you find the best and if you know some better then also tell me in the comment section.



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