Every one of us loves watching some piece of “media” entertainment to enjoy and relax. There will be hardly anyone who doesn’t like movies, seasons, TV shows and etc. These pieces of entertainment don’t come for free. They come with a price and as humans; we often don’t like the idea of paying for almost anything. Movies and seasons often cost too much which gets insane sometimes. People love having free access to such entertainment.

Popcorn Time has become one of the most common places to watch movies and TV
shows on the internet. It’s an open-source torrenting program that streams popular movies and TV shows with a built-in video player and got a lot of criticism for encouraging piracy. However, Popcorn Time has continued despite all challenges and a brief shutdown in 2015. In case you are looking for an alternative for Popcorn, check out this article Top 10 Popcorn Time Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Shows.

Popcorn Time is a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client with an integrated media player. You can say, it is like Netflix but is subscription free. You don’t have to pay for Popcorn Time like you do for Netflix and that is what it makes it amazing. It has the same interface like Netflix and with that, offers a wide range of movies, seasons and TV shows for online streaming as well.

Popcorn Time gained widespread popularity because of its free media content available at all times. However, with the passage of time, it lost its prime time because it was using illegal sources for downloading and streaming the media contents.

Some of the best Popcorn Time alternatives are mentioned below:

  1. Duckie TV

Like Popcorn Time, Duckie TV is also an open source app with which you can enjoy a great amount of media content. If you are addicted to TV shows like seasons and weekend specials, then Duckie TV is your savior. It will let you stream to almost all of the TV shows from past and present. You can easily watch your favorite American and British TV seasons right on it.

It also has a TV show calendar which will help you to schedule your Duckie TV hours. Furthermore, it also comes with a DuckieTorrent client which lets you connect your Duckie TV to your local torrent client. Its excellent interface easily updates you with the download progress without having the need to switch between the applications. If you are concerned about the torrent clients then here’s the good news; it supports all the famous torrent clients including uTorrent, Vuze, qBittorrent and Tixati.

It also offers a wide range of language selections. You can watch all the shows in your preferred language as it offers subtitles for 15 languages.

No wonder, it is one of the best substitutes for Popcorn Time, Duckie TV still uses illegal sources for all of its content. So, if you want to be safe and are in no mood of paying heavy fines, then it is necessary to use VPN when using Dukie TV.

  1. Rox Player

Similar to Duckie TV in many aspects, it offers a wide range of movies and audio files as well. If you are someone who is looking for a site or a place to binge on free movie files then hop on to Rox Player.

Rox Player not only provides access for the movies, seasons and TV shows, it will provide you access to an abundant amount of audio files as well. Due to the variety of content it provides, it therefore, supports formats like DHT, IPTV and P2P protocols.

If you are using Windows then you will definitely get the most and the best of Rox Player as majority of its content is only Windows compatible. Therefore, you can enjoy maximum benefits from it.

Although a good alternative for Popcorn Time, it also uses the illegal sources of the BitTorrent. So, use VPN if you do not wish to get into any sort of trouble of “illegality” and “law-breaking”.

3. Couch Potato

Couch Potato is also a good option for online streaming and downloading the movies, TV shows and audio files. As the name infers, you will be glued to your couch once you start to binge on it.

It has a vast collection of movies from Gone with the Wind to the Avengers: Infinity War. You can stream almost all the movies here from any time period. It comes with the option of subtitles as well so, if you feel like using them, you can freely access that option too. It also has the auto download option which lets you to stream your media without any hassle.

Couch Potato offers its support for both macOS and Windows; it however works well with the macOS. It offers much more access to macOS as compared to Windows. It also has a great number of other options too which require the use of VPN.

On the other hand, whenever you are using Couch Potato, never forget using the VPN otherwise, you might get tracked down and be in trouble because like the other mentioned above, it also uses illegal sources.

4. Showbox

Showbox is another free app for online streaming of media content. It has a massive collection of TV shows, movies and series which are all available for free for you to sit back and enjoy.

Name a show or a movie and it will pop up right in front of your Showbox screen. Be it Simpsons or the Big Bang Theory, you don’t have to worry as they are all there.

All of the media files are available on Showbox via the BitTorrent protocol which uses the illegal sources for online streaming and downloading content. So, if you are not looking for any trouble, Showbox has a savior kit for you as well. It has its own Showbox VPN which you can activate whenever you are using Showbox for online streaming. It will act as a shield for you and will let you easily stream through the content.

Plus, it works extremely well with macOS, iOS and Blackberry.

5. Stremio

Stremio offers everything under one roof i.e. movies, seasons, TV shows and audio files. It is also one of the best Popcorn Time alternatives as it uses sources like Amazon, YouTube and Netflix to play videos of all the genres.

It also has a subtitle feature which you can use whenever you want. It offers its support for Windows, Android and Linux; however, it is explicitly designed for Android users. Therefore, the Android users can make the most of it and can use it either on their tablets or phones. If you are also an Android user, then Stremio will bring television in your pocket.

Like all the others mentioned above, you will need to use a VPN for Stremio as well to be on the safer side. The Stremio VPN will let you enjoy the live IPTV without even being tracked and caught.


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